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Recent Events

We like to think that Woodford is not just a Synagogue but a community.

Therefore, we want to share our news, communal events, and celebrations with you.

Here are some pictures of recent events that have taken place at WLS.

Cheder children presented with certificates of achievements

Our 2014 Purim celebrations – Fancy Dress and EastEnders Spiel

A Triple Celebration see also our Education page for the 2013 Cheder Aleph Bet video

Woodford Resouled

Purim 2013 – see also our Purim Video Clips on YouTube

Sukkot 2012

Sir Ludwig Guttmann – Father of the Paralympic Games

Purim 2012 – Thriller Megillah Spiel

Purim 2012 – Havdalah Service

Purim 2012 – Fancy Dress Parade

Fair Trade 2012

Chanukah 2011

Simchat Torah 2011

Siyyum Torah 2011

Now and then, we also feature in local news reports – and here are some recent examples (External Websites):

19/10/2015 – Joint Birthday Celebrations (East London & West Essex Guardian) reports on Rabbi Harry Jacobi’s 90th birthday and Peter Benscher’s 88th (not 90th) birthday

05/10/2015 – Festival Celebrating Torah (East London & West Essex Guardian) report on our joint celebration – with Bet Tikvah synagogue – of Simchat Torah

30/09/2015 – Sukkot and the Syrian Refugee Crisis (East London & West Essex Guardian) Rabbi Richard Jacobi interviewed in the WLS Sukkah

10/11/2014 – Mitzvah Day (East London & West Essex Guardian)

13/06/2014 – Summer Fair raises nearly £2000 (Ilford Recorder)

18/03/2014 – Purim Festival Celebrated (East London & West Essex Guardian)

22/02/2014 – Award winning entertainer Daniel Cainer played to a packed house at Woodford Liberal Synagoue (Ilford Recorder)

26/11/2013 – One Voice visits WLS to ‘Talk about Israel-Palestine Conflict‘ (East London & West Essex Guardian) or “Solutions to Israel-Palestine Conflict‘ (Ilford Recorder)

18/11/2013 – Mitzvah Day 2013 (East London & West Essex Guardian)

22/04/2013 – Yom Ha-Atzmaut Celebrations (Celebrating Israel’s 65th – Wanstead & Woodford Guardian)

22/04/2013 – Yom Ha-Atzmaut Celebrations (65 Facts About Israel – Ilford Recorder)

11/03/2013 – International Women’s Day Service (Wanstead & Woodford Guardian)

26/02/2013 – WLS & KSHS Purim Celebrations (Wanstead & Woodford Guardian)

11/01/2013 – ‘Etty’ Performed at Packed Shul (Wanstead & Woodford Guardian)

11/01/2013 – Life Changing Visit to Orphanage (Ilford Recorder)

20/12/2012 – Teenager Wins Award (Wanstead & Woodford Guardian)

09/10/2012 – Sukkot ‘Bride & Groom’ (Wanstead & Woodford Guardian)

03/10/2012 – Special Guest Welcomed at Sukkot (Wanstead & Woodford Guardian)

21/08/2012 – Grandson of founder of Paralympics (Wanstead & Woodford Guardian)

18/08/2012 – Heroes of the Games (Ilford Recorder)

10/03/2012 – WLS Purim Spiel (I-Witness24)

10/03/2012 – WLS Purim Fancy Dress (I-Witness24)

29/02/2012 – Treasure Hunt at Synagogue (Wanstead & Woodford Guardian)

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