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Merger Project


Following some initial discussions between elected officers from Woodford Liberal Synagogue (WLS) and Bet Tikvah (BT), the possibility of a merger is being discussed in more detail.

On 29th January 2015, WLS held an EGM for all members where council outlined details of the intitial discussions, the reasons for holding them, and how they will be taken forward. That meeting agreed in principle to continuing the discussions to develop a formal proposal for members to vote on. It was agreed that council will keep members informed on progress and a verbal update was provided at the AGM on 21st May.

In order to keep our members informed, WLS will publish further updates on this page.


MPMC Update June 2015 – introduces the Merger Project Management Committee (MPMC) and sub-committees taking forward discussions, including names of those involved in the discussions. As this is the first update, it is somewhat long for a an update but it is important to explain the context of the discussions and composition of the various sub-committees.

MPMC Update July 2015 – reports on the progress being made by the sub-committees and announces plans to publish a merger consultation document in the autumn.

MPMC Update November 2015 – announces plans to publish a merger consultation document that pulls together all the work by the sub-groups head of consultations with members of both communities.

MPMC Update December 2015 – outlines plans to publish a draft Merger Consultation Document (MCD) and provisional timetable for discussions about the MCD.

MPMC Update June 2016 – progress following publication of the MCD and separate all member meetings at both communities, plus ongoing preparations for the vote.

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