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WLS Tree of LifeWLS & Liberal Judaism

Woodford Liberal Synagogue is proud to be affiliated to Liberal Judaism.

We welcome applications for membership from all who are Jewish – whether this Jewish line is on their fathers’ or their mothers’ side – and couples or families where at least one member is Jewish.

WLS Families

Our Woodford Families membership is open to EVERYONE.

This includes those in same-sex partnerships, as well as single parent families where the children are Jewish but the parent is not.

In these situations any non-Jewish members of the family will become Friends of the Synagogue.  The Friend scheme is also open to single people who are not Jewish.

We also offer Single and Student memberships.

WLS Burial Scheme

Membership entitles entry into the WLS burial scheme – details of which were updated August 2016 (opens pdf file in new window). We use the burial grounds at Cheshunt and Edgwarebury and offer mixed-faith burial.

Membership Enquiries

ALL are welcome and treated equally. We encourage visits and enquiries.

For queries regarding membership, please e-mail Merle Muswell on

For more information on our Synagogue, you can also contact Rabbi Richard Jacobi on

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