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Study Buddies – January to March 2013

Study Buddies – Adult Learning

Wednesday evenings 7:15pm – 8:30pm.  Refreshments provided (bring your own supper, if you want). £3.00 per session, £8 per block of four.

The First Series – Creation and All That!

23rd January – The Power of Words
Taking as our starting point the story of Genesis chapter 1, we will look at what it means for us that God created the world by speaking.

30th January – Creation and Evolution
Rabbi Dany Rich (t.b.c) will help us explore how the creation stories, and theories of the ‘Big Bang’ and evolution, can help us make sense of our world.

6th February – B’tselem Elohim – In the Image of God
What does it mean for us to be created in the image of God?

13th February – “Increase and Multiply, and Fill the Earth”
Returning to the subject of his rabbinic thesis, Rabbi Harry Jacobi (t.b.c.) will help us explore the first commandment of the Torah.

The Second Series – Evil, Floods and Natural Disasters!

27th February – Interpretations of the Adam and Eve Story
Christians see this story as “The Fall”, Jews see the story demonstrating human freedom of choice and mortality. Compare and contrast their and your views.

6th March – “The wickedness of human beings on earth was great…”
Was the flood a punishment for wickedness, or a myth based on a natural calamity? What can we learn now from the story?

13th March – Languages to divide us – the legacy of the Tower of Babel

20th March – Abram’s calling and journey towards a great name

Every session will include some opportunities for those who wish to work on a Hebrew text, while everyone gets to learn from each other.

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