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Prayer – a short course of study

June 29, 2015

As all those who were present at last Wednesday’s Learning At Woodford study buddies session already know, its been proposed that weh the new Siddur Project for Liberal Judaism, and allows to pilot their use. Hence, although he is due to be on sabbatical, it fits with Rabbi Richard Jacobi’s sabbatical purposes and he is happy to run it even though not officially on duty.

The sessions will start at 7:00pm and finish by 8:15pm on Wednesday evenings, all are welcome to join us as we explore:

Week 1: What is prayer – the types of prayer, how should we pray and for what can we pray?

Week 2: To what extent do we need to believe the words we pray – is Liberal Judaism still ‘rationalist’ and how does this affect how we think about prayer? Does it help to think of prayer as poetry – when is prayer poetry and when is poetry prayer?

Week 3: Do we need to believe in God to pray – what do we mean by God and what understandings of God are reflected in our prayers?

Week 4: What is the role of liturgy in prayer – where does Liberal Judaism need to go in terms of its liturgy / liturgies?

We hope you will come and join us for some or all of this course – you do not have to attend all four session – and all are welcome so please do spread the word.

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