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Learning At Woodford – Spring 2015

April 19, 2015

Study Buddies 2015: On The Shoulders of Giants

Our Spring/Summer term programme aims to deepen our understanding of key individuals who contributed to the evolution of Judaism and the history of the Jews. It is upon their scholarship and brilliance that we build Judaism for today and tomorrow!

  • Tuesday 5th May 8:15 pm – RASHI – Rabbi Shlomo ben Yitzchak and his pre-eminence as a commentator on our sacred texts.
  • Monday 11th May 8:15 pm – Rabbi Moshe ben Maimon, aka RaMBaM or Maimonides – a genius or a heretic
  • Monday 18th May 8:15 pm – Judah Halevi and the rise of poetry in Judaism
  • Tuesday 26th May 7:00 pm – Scientists, Astronomers, Mystics and their contributions
  • Wednesday 3rd June 7:00 pm – teacher to be confirmed) Nachmanides and the disputation
  • Wednesday 10th June 7:00 pm – Baruch Spinoza – 17th century philosopher, not known to all that many people!
  • Wednesday 17th June 7:00 pm – Moses Mendelssohn and modernisation.
  • Wednesday 24th June 7:00 pm – Leo Baeck and his inspiration

For those whose learning preference is more musical please the information about rehearsals for Woodford Resouled and choir singer

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