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Bet Tikvah Calendar

February 27, 2015

About The Calendar

Every year Bet Tikvah Synagogue creates and publishes a calendar based on a chosen theme. They ask their members to bring in items relating to the chosen theme so that they can be photographed and the photos used to illustrate the calendar.

The year, recognising the fact that discussions are taking place about a possible merger, Bet Tikvah have extended an invitation to members of WLS to contribute to 2015/16 calendar.

The Calendar’s Theme

The theme for the 2015/16 calendar is – artefacts or more specifically Jewish Artefacts: Sefer Torah Breastplates & Rimonim, Yads, Chanukiah, Havdallah Sets, Magen Davids, Tallits & Kippot, Siddurim, Candlesticks, Kiddush Cups, Seder Plates, Mezuzot, and Wood Carvings.

If you have any suitable artefacts that you would like to be considered for inclusion in the calendar, please take them to Bet Tikvah Synagogue (129 Perrymans Farm Road, Ilford IG2 7LX) on Sunday 22nd March so that they can be photographed. Further information about the timing for photographing different types of artefacts can be here.


Individuals can sponsor a greeting on specific days (e.g. birthdays, wedding anniversaries, etc) for £5.00 per date or a whole month for £30-00 per month. To do so, please complete this sponsorship form and send it with your payment to Bet Tikvah by 31st March.

Businesses can sponsor a page for £50.00 or a-day every month (12 inserts) for £120.00. You can find further information about how to provide the text for your advert on this business sponsors form – also need to be returned to Bet Tikvah by 31st March.

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