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Celebrating Chanukah

December 21, 2014

Chanukah and Erev Shabbat

Our annual Chanukah celebrations took place on Erev Shabbat -Friday 19th December. This was the fourth night of the eight-evening festival. It was decided to hold it on the Friday evening, rather than over the weekend, because for many of the Cheder children this was also the last day of the school term. It turned out to be a popular choice – with at least 115 children and adults packing into the Synagogue for the celebratory service.


Fourth Night Chanukah Candles

Candles and Songs

Rabbi Richard Jacobi, led a short service and the singing of songs recalling the story of Chanukah. Before inviting the children, some with help from their parents, to light their Chanukah candles.

Rabbi Jacobi Leading The Singing

Rabbi Jacobi Leading The Singing

Games and Food

Of course there was food, it is after all a Jewish celebration and there was plenty of choice thanks to all who brought food to share. We also had the usual games – such as spinning the Dreidel, pin the candle on the Chanukiah, and hopping on the spot. Other activities included face painting, biscuit decorating, and various challenges featuring blindfolds, chocolate and doughnuts!

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Another Chanukah Miracle

Despite the building being packed and everyone moving about, including some of the younger ones running about freely, somehow or another only was there enough food for everyone but none of the candles were knocked over.

Thanks go to all the members of the New Generation committee who made the arrangements. Also to all the Cheder staff, parents and others who volunteered to help out on the day. And, of course, to the children, their parents and other family or friends who came along to make the evening such a success.

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