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Tikkun Leil Shavuot

June 2, 2014

This year WLS is hosting the joint Tikkun Leil Shavuot celebrations with Sukkat Shalom and South West Essex & Settlement Reform (SWESRS) synagogues.  The theme for this years study being Creation, Evolution and Creationism.

All are welcome to come along to celebrate the Giving of the Torah and stay to hear from our special guest speaker Professor Adrian Lister from the Natural History Museum.  He will discuss the question What concept of creation can we still have in light of modern sciences?  As a scientist and Liberal Jew; Prof. Lister is used to balancing two concepts often thought of as polar opposites – science and Torah.  In an age where aggressive secularist often use the science of creationism to attack or demean religious thinking (of all persuasions) – this should be a fascinating, informative and thought-provoking talk.

The evening begins at 8:00 pm with a short Erev Shavuot service, followed by kiddush with cheesecake – it is Shavuot after all.  Prof. Lister will start his talk at about 9:15 pm and the main event should be finished by about 10:30 pm.  However, there will also be late night study sessions after the main event – for the night owls with Rabbis Nancy Morris, Larry Becker and Richard Jacobi.


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