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Rosh Chodesh Group

May 23, 2014

Rosh Chodesh  celebrates the beginning of every new month and has traditionally been a space for women of the community to get together.  When she was at WLS, Rabbi Rebecca started a Rosh Chodesh group but it fell be the wayside when she left.  We (see below) thought it would be nice to restart the group. there is no set down formula but we think a typical format would be:

  • Rosh Chodesh prayer
  • Something to eat
  • Bit of a chat

We are going to try and meet every couple of months and see how it goes.  The first Rosh Chodesh group is meeting on Thursday 29th May at 7.30 at Tracey Grant’s house; it will have a shared light meal and a discussion about Community.

To help set our roots and as a starting point, we can think about what it was in the past from ghettos through to Liberal Judaism.  Looking at the present and  to the future  we can consider

  • what we want to get from our Jewish community
  • what we are willing to put in.
  • what’s beyond the pale

Then we can choose what we might want for our next Rosh Chodesh and we’ll sort a date.

Ruth Seager, Alice Wilcock, Tracey Grant, Merle Muswell, and Di Kamall will be there, it would be lovely if you can join us.  If you can make it, please let Ruth know (care of the office) so we know how many to expect.  It’s a bring and share meal so that no-one has to do too much work.  You don’t need to bring anything and you certainly don’t need to slave in the kitchen.  A bag of crisps is absolutely fine.  But if you do choose to bring food, try to cater for no more than one or  two people at most!

Rosh Chodesh is for women, but babies, toddlers etc. who like to be with their mum are most welcome, of course


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